Wilson squash racket

wilsonOne of the best squash racket brands is also Wilson – used by many professional players, Peter Barker or Isabelle Stoehr for example.

You can find the top quality Wilson squash rackets here – made for very advanced or even professional players. Nevertheless if you are a beginner or don`t want to buy some more expensive stuff yet, don`t worry!

I have chosen four great squash rackets for beginners and also one racquet for intermediate players – the popular Wilson Sledge Hammer. So just choose your preferred level:

Most recommended beginner squash rackets Most recommended advanced Wilson squash racket

Wilson Top rackets

[K] Factor

wilson k factorThe popular Wilson product line [K] Factor combines many small or bigger improvements in the racket design to achieve better performance of the gear. That means more feel, stronger, stiffer and more stable racquets.

If you are interested in the details of this technology, take a look at Wilson [K] Factor site.

The latest expansion of this line is the [K] Factor FX serie – which replaces the traditional 2 pillar shaft with 4 pillars. This provides much better torsional stability of the raquet.


Wilson [K] Sonix FX

Wilson K Sonix FX

Weight: 145 g

Head size: 500 cm sq

Balance: 360 mm

String pattern: 16×19

String: Helixx

$189.99  $99.95

You Save: $90.04 (47%)

This racket offers a large head for more power. Also – as part of the FX serie it uses the four pillar shaft for more torsional stability.


Wilson [K] Sting FX

Wilson K Sting FX

Weight: 147 g

Head size: 477 cm sq

Balance: 345 mm

String pattern: 14×18

String: Helixx

$159.00  $110.00

You Save: $49.00 (31%)

On the contrary this racket has smaller head and also the balance is different (head-heavy now). And again – the new four pillar shaft is present.


Wilson [K] Tour

Wilson K Tour

Weight: 140 g

Head size: 466 cm sq

Balance: 360 mm

String pattern: 12×18

String: Helixx

$169.99  $89.00

You Save: $110.99 (55%)

Wilson [K] Tour is a control racket, evenly balanced. It is also a racquet of choice of Peter Barker and Isabelle Stoehr.


Wilson [K] 145

Wilson K 145

Weight: 145 g

Head size: 493 cm sq

Balance: 370 mm

String pattern: 12×18

String: Helixx

$179.99  $99.95

You Save: $80.04 (44%)

Head-heavy racket with a 493 sq cm head – ideal for powerfull strokes.


Wilson [K] 135

Wilson K 135

Weight: 135 g

Head size: 493 cm sq

Balance: 365 mm

String pattern: 12×18

String: Helixx

$199.99  $170.00

You Save: $29.99 (15%)

The top racket from the [K] Factor serie – it feels light and balanced. Also offers great power and comfort.