HEAD squash racket

head squash racket

Another great squash racket manufacturer is HEAD – and many top-class players are using it. Just to name a few – Karim Darwish, Azlan Iskandar and Adrian Grant for men and Rachael and Natalie Grinham for women.

I have listed the very advanced HEAD squash rackets – this gear is designated for upper-intermediate and professional players. But if are just starting with squash or don`t want to invest a lot of money, don`t be disappointed!

I have selected great beginner and advanced HEAD squash racquets as well. Just select the one you prefer:

Most recommended beginner HEAD squash racket Most recommended advanced HEAD squash racket

HEAD Top rackets

As other squash racquet manufacturers HEAD also names their product lines accordingly to the type of technology used – and I have covered these series:

HEAD MicroGelMicroGel

The HEAD MicroGel is basically a silicone-based material embedded in the carbon composite frame of the racket (see the picture). When the ball is hit, MicroGel compresses, absorbs the impact and spread it to the entire frame – and then quickly returns to its original shape.

The result is much better feel and touch which is great for the aggressive style of play which is getting more and more popular today.

I have selected two racquets from the MicroGel serie so let`s take a closer look at them:


HEAD MicroGel Extreme

Head MicroGel Extreme

Weight: 135 g

Head size: 460 cm sq

Balance: 370 mm

Length: 685 mm

String pattern: 14×16

$160.00  $149.95

You Save: $10.01 (6%)

The small head offers very good control – plus the power of MicroGel.


HEAD MicroGel 125

Head MicroGel 125

Weight: 125 g

Head size: 500 cm sq

Balance: 370 mm

Length: 685 mm

String pattern: 12×17

$200.00  $127.95

You Save: $72.05 (36%)

The opposite of previous racquet – here you get large head for bigger power.

Corrugated Technology (CT)

corrugated technologyThe Corrugated Technology is a special shaft design developed by HEAD – the corrugated rails are able to create up to 12% more stifness than the classic version of the shaft.

HEAD produces three rackets in the Corrugated Technology (CT) serie:


HEAD Vector 155 CT

Head Vector 155 CT

Weight: 155 g

Head size: 460 cm sq

Balance: 335 mm

Length: 685 mm

String pattern: 14×16

$180.00  $99.95

You Save: $80.05 (44%)

Medium-weight racket designed to provide great control over the ball.



Head 150 CT

Weight: 150 g

Head size: 500 cm sq

Balance: 335 mm

Length: 685 mm

String pattern: 16×17

$190.00  $109.00

You Save: $81.00 (43%)

Huge 500 sq cm head and 150 g weight – this racquet is designed for power.



Head 135 CT

Weight: 135 g

Head size: 500 cm sq

Balance: 335 mm

Length: 685 mm

String pattern: 12×17

$200.00  $119.95

You Save: $80.05 (40%)

Also a power raquet – large 500 sq cm head, only this time lighter.


YouTekYouTek actually combines several technologies together – the first is CT or Corrugated Technology for more stiffness which I have already talked about (see here).

d3oThe next technology used is d3o – it`s some sort of clever material ;) which is able to behave differently under various types of strokes.

During aggressive high-speed impacts the molecules of d3o lock together and increase the stiffness of the entire frame as much as possible to make the shot even more powerful.

teflonOn the other side when the impact is slower (drop shots for example) the d3o molecules absorb the impact and provide much better feel and control.

And the last ingredient in the YouTek mix is Teflon friction reducing polymer – it is used as the contact surface between strings and grommets to take away most of the friction during sliding of the string through the grommet. The result is more power and larger sweet spot.


Particular rackets from the YouTek serie will be added as soon as possible, thank you for your patience!