DUNLOP Aerogel 4D Ultimate

Dunlop Aerogel 4D Ultimate

Construction: Aerogel 4D

Weight: 132 g

Balance: Head light

Head size: 500 cm sq

String: Dunlop M-Fil TS

String pattern: 16×19

String tension: 20-30 lbs / 9-14 kg

$179.00  $129.00

You Save: $50.00 (28%)

The Aerogel 4D Ultimate aims to find the most effective combination of ultra high power and control.

  • Head light frame with dense string pattern (16×19), wide throat and long handle delivers great control and feel.
  • Large 500 cm2 head offers a lot of power.


Recommended for:

  • advanced / intermediate players
  • players seeking very high quality racket offering a balanced mix of power and control

dunlop aerogel 4d ultimate review

Racquet of choice of Amr Shabana, currently No. 6 in squash World Ranking.


Customer reviews:

(all reviews are real, taken from various online stores and websites)


  • I have used many rackets in recent years; such as head Ti110, head CT 115, dunlop black max , prince speed O3 and dunlop 4D ultimate. From all of these rackets i have used, the racket i love the most is the 4D ultimate. It gives me a great touch, feel and high quality of control. Although its power is a lot less than the CT 115, the power is not that important in real games like the control and feel are. I would highly recommend the 4D ultimate for intermediate and advanced players.

Rahil Devgan

  • I just bought the ultimate, the one shabana uses on a whim. Just because shabana uses it. Believe me, it takes a while getting used to it. The sweet spot is amazing and the control is on another level. Beautiful balance and it’s powerful when you need it to be.

P. Salazar

  • For me the best control racket out there. I have been playing with Dunlop gear for several years so I already knew what to expect – and wasn`t disappointed.

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