Squash racket

Squash racket is the most important equipment when playing squash. Nowadays the variety of them is really extensive so it can be tough to choose the right one.

I will do my best to help find the best racquet for you – and with a discount if possible. So keep on reading! First, take a look at the most popular squash rackets for sale (with great discounts on Amazon):


For beginners:

Prince F3 Agile Prince Squash Starter Kit HEAD Nano Ti Team Pack Prince AirO Lightning
Prince F3 Agile Prince Squash Starter Kit HEAD Nano Ti Team Prince AirO Lightning Prestrung Squash Racquet with Case
$50.00  $28.99 $80.00  $46.00 $50.00  $38.95 $70.00  $59.00
You Save: $16.01 (36%) You Save: $34.00 (43%) You Save: $11.05 (22%) You Save: $11.00 (16%)
rating rating rating rating
(9 customer reviews) (9 customer reviews) (1 customer review) (6 customer reviews)

The cheapest one – the price is really nice but quality is not perfect of course. Nevertheless – great for beginners.

Everything what you need for playing squash – lightweight graphite racquet, balls, Magnum eyewear and carry case.

Solid quality racket also with protective glasses and balls – for a nice price.

Slightly more expensive but also higher quality beginner class racquet.


Beginner squash racketsI have chosen some cheap racquets or sets for the entry level of players. These are of course not meant to last many years but rather to give you an overview what to expect from a squash racket – what weight do you prefer, if you are comfortable with the material and balance etc.

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For advanced players:

Prince O3 Speedport Black Prince TT Tungsten Sovereign Head Flexpoint 130 Wilson Sledge Hammer 130Ti
Prince 03 Speedport Black Prince Triple Threat Tungsten Sovereign Head Flexpoint 130 Squash Racquet Wilson Sledge Hammer 130Ti Squash Racket
$280.00  $149.00 $130.00  $88.99 $200.00  $94.95 $109.99  $89.00
You Save: $131.00 (47%) You Save: $41.01 (32%) You Save: $105.05 (53%) You Save: $20.99 (19%)
rating rating rating rating
(2 customer reviews) (9 customer reviews) (6 customer reviews) (7 customer reviews)

Top Prince stuff – used by world`s best players.

Best selling advanced squash racket for many seasons – which speaks for itself.

High quality racquet designed to offer maximum control. Comes with a huge discount.

The most popular Wilson racket of all time – good control and power, large sweet spot.

Advanced squash racketsIf your intentions are to play squash more actively and increase your skills, consider buying an advanced gear. Here I list the most popular from every main brand  – these racquets will last longer and also provide much better qualities.

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Choosing the best squash racket

Choosing the right squash racket for you can be a difficult task. When I started playing I had absolutely no idea where to start. Which to select? Save the money and buy a cheap one or invest into some more expensive gear? Which brand to choose?

I visited some online shops and got confused even more – there were hundreds of products dedicated to squash and I had absolutely no idea what equipment is the most suitable for me. At that time there was no simple guide on choosing the right squash equipment on the internet so I gave up and bought a cheap racquet which seemed nice to me.

But you are in a better position! I will share all the tips I have learned from that time and help you choose the best racket for you:


1. First off, start with the price range

You can find racquets that are very cheap and also extremely expensive ones. It depends mostly on your budget, how much you are comfortable to spend on your gear.

While it is certainly better to invest into high quality racquet, you should remember that it is just a tool – what matters is your skill and how you enjoy the sport. So don`t rush into the most expensive equipment if you are a beginner.

Beginner class racket will cost you from 30 to 50 bucks – if you are just trying squash out and don`t want to spend a lot of cash, go for this one.

Advanced class comes in a higher price range of course – but will offer you much better performance so if you want to play squash more often, go right into some advanced gear.


2. Parameters of the racket

There are many attributes that affect the behavior and characteristics of the racket – the main are weight, material which it is made from (graphite, titanium,…), size and shape of the head and also  balance.

For more information please visit Squash racket variables – how to understand them.


3. Brand

And finally – the brand. Many players have their favorite which they stick to, others compare the sortiment of each brand closely and then decide which one has the best offer for them.

The most popular are Dunlop, Prince, Head and Wilson. I have reviewed their rackets on separate pages so just click on your preferred brand:

Dunlop Prince Head Wilson